Canticle of Destiny

Hear the sage as his song descends
like heaven’s rain or tears,
and washes the years, the dust of the many stories
from the High Tale of the Dragonlance.
For in ages new, of men and mortals,
in the wake of the War of Souls
when the three moons returned to the heavens,
heroes, noble and true,
traveled on this world of Krynn.

Yet out of the coldest of frosts,
out of a Time of Night
in the aftermath of the One Moon falling,
a banked light flared in Pashin,
heroes of truth and of power,
who called down the overlord himself
wielding the mighty dragonlance, piercing the soul
of darkness, driving the cold of Frost’s wings
from the brightening shores of Krynn.

Thus rose heroes in winter’s breath
the flame’s warmth seeing us through the night
for legends are born with heroes
of destiny
of sorrow
of courage

I am the Herald of Krynn, and these things I have seen.
For a time that is now,
that will be what was,
that will come to pass,
is a time for new heroes.
Here is their story.

The legend begins now…

Dragonlance: Age of Mortals